Mulliner Blackline Bentley Conti GT [Black or Blue?]

Check out Bentley’s version of Black Badge!

Check out the Bentley Mulliner Blackline Continental GT – Bentley didn’t want to be out-cooled by the Rolls-Royce Black Badge. But we need more colour in the world – maybe a BrownCarGuy spec?

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Future-Proofed: The Renault 4 that Flies!

Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Roads!

Ending year-long celebrations for the 60th anniversary of the Renault 4, they’ve built one that can fly. Oh yes, that classic is heading back to the future, and where it’s going, you won’t need roads. But would you dare get into one?

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What is the Most Halal Car?

Celebrating it’s 55th birthday this month, the Maserati Ghibli could be the most Muslim-friendly car out there. Why?

I reveal which it could be the most Halal car in this video. There is of course a newer Ghibli now, but the 1960s car is still just something rather special. And keeping in kind this is Islamophobia Awareness Month, tell me in the comments below what have been the most significant contributions to the world and history of motoring from Muslims.

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Hyundai Creates Fashion From Recycled Car Parts

And you can actually buy and wear this stuff!

Hyundai in Korea has displayed a fashion range of 12 items in collusion with L’Eclaireur and Boontheshop created with discarded wearable materials from vehicles. Re:Style 2021 marks the third year of celebrating upcycling and eco-friendly fashion.

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1960s Mini Moke goes EV

Electrified Fun & Glamour

The Mini Moke, based on the classic Mini and made famous in the 1960s as an alternative beach buggy for the glamour set (including The Beatles, The Beach Boys and Bridget Bardot) after initially having been created for military use, is back, and now it’s electric.

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