David Gittens on Ikenga GT – the spiritual Supercar

An incredible person with an epic life story!

Meet David Gittens, the first black supercar designer – he created and built the Ikenga GT supercar over half a century ago – that’s after being a staff photographer on Car & Driver in 1958!

But that’s not all he has done – he’s designed small aircraft and boats, created an art and peace project for children (OnlyHearts.org, designed sets for the United Nations, produced amazing pieces of art, run seminars on creativity, done inter-faith work, created a solar-heated community shower with Unicef for a village in Guatemala, designed newspapers, run seminars at the Smithsonian, recieved recognition as an Aviation Pioneer, won trophies for work on rotorcrafts – and his autogiro is in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum – on and how could I forget to mention the 23-string DWIJ Veena guitar creations?!

He talks about car and transport design, ‘escaping’ America and moving to London in the Swinging Sixties, being inspired by the pilot of Little Nelly from the Bond movie, creating a flying home, channelling spirtuality in all his work and creations, the human condition, Black Lives Matter, his increadible aircraft designs and his hope for humanity going forward.

This is an absolute incredible must-not-miss conversation!

Find him at

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