Filippa Guarna – Directing Success

The Aussie girl that directed many of the commercial videos we did at Motoring Middle East

22062020 ‘Brown Car Guy & Buddies’

Meet Filippa Guarna, who at one point was directing and producing all our commercial videos at Motoring Middle East in Dubai (links to some of those below).

In fact she’s also been a radio and print journalist, has worked with motor racing teams, is a Knight Rider fan, own’s her grandad’s classic Holden and is a full-on car girl! She’s also running media courses now helping others to learn and benefit from here two-plus decades of media experience at Media Master Coach (link below).

We go over her career, what she loves about the Middle East, and talk about the amazing, fun and often spectacular video content we created.

Find her here:

Toyota GT86 vs FJ Cruiser TRD on-road off-road challenge

Chevrolet Camaro 50th Anniv series

Cadillac Escalde ‘The Deal’

AC Delco sponsored car reviews

Automall used car buying series

Dubai Motor Show Series 2017

Honda Jazz Endless Possibilities

Honda Jazz Fuel Economy Challenge

Cadillac Hot Weather Testing

Ferrari pre-owned promo

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