Father’s Day Gifts 2020

Perfect for the PetrolHead Pater!

No doubt it’s already in your diary, and if it isn’t, why not? (that’s as much a message to my kids as anyone!) June 21st is the third Sunday in the sixth month, which makes it Father’s Day in UK, USA and most (but admittedly not all) countries around the world.

And if you’re looking for gift suggestions, which you should be (again, partly aimed at my kids [do they even read this blog?]) then I have the perfect 21 suggestions for you (coinciding 21 with the date – see what I did there? – so you won’t forget!).

Do you know how I can guarantee these are the perfect gifts? Because I’m a Petrolhead Pater and I’d love any of these (hello? Kids – you getting this?!).

1. LEGO Land Rover Defender

LEGO is awesome – we’ve been playing with it and stepping on it leaving us in agony, since we were kids, and today the bricks that click are cooler than ever. Especially when they create these car specials. This Defender is all new, and so is the LEGO set.


2. LEGO Dom’s Charger from Fast and Furious

If Landy’s are your Dad’s thing, but LEGO will still work – try Dom’s Charger from Fast and Furious. You don’t have to be an F&F fan to appreciate this model either. It’s very cool. I’d love on, hint hint!


3. LEGO Audi Quattro Rally

If both the above are a little pricey for your budget, fret not, still plenty more cool LEGO models to get like this classic WRC Audi Quattro S1 complete with mini racing driver figure which, if he’s anything like me, he will pretend is actually Michelle Mouton.


4. Meccano Model Roadster

Oh we did like building stuff when we were young – PlayStation hadn’t been invented yet. And Meccano was like grown up stuff with nuts and bolts, spanners and screw drivers. Here’s a great set from which a number of roadsters and racers can be concocted.


5. Airfix Jaguar E-Type

If we weren’t bolting, or clicking stuff together, then it was a case of gluing bits to form a car, whilst inadvertently but always bonding our fingers together too. And which of us isn’t turned on by an E-Type – in which case this is the perfect kit.


6. Tamiya VW Camper Van

We were all hippies at heart, and what’s a hippy with out a Volkswagen Type 2 Camper Van or Combi or Bus or love wagon – whatever you want to call it. And Tamiya were the master of R/C – still are, aren’t they? In any case, he’ll love this.


7. Funko Pop Head James Bond Aston Martin

Here’s something you can relate to – Pop Heads. And for James Bond fans, this version of the iconic Bond DB5 Aston Martin as driven by the first actor to play the superspy – Sean Connery – is a must-have.


8. Funko Pop Head Knight Rider

Let’s stick with those adorable things – next up, we all wanted KITT the indestructible talking car as our best friend. We’d hit the turbo boost button for this gift any day!


9. Funko Batmobile

But whilst Bond and Knight Rider are pretty cool, you know how the saying goes, be yourself, unless you can be Batman, then always be Batman. And this Funko Pop Head original 60s TV show Batmobile is a sweet tribute to Adam West – the original live action caped crusader.


10. Batmobile model 1:18

But if you’re going to have an original 1966 Batmobile, you really want a detailed 1:18 scale model complete with Batman and Robin action figures! And this superb model is good one to put on the shelf.


11. Ferrari Cologne

Okay enough with the toy cars, there are other things Dad could use you know – like cologne, especially if you’ve noticed he gets a bit whiffy after working on the car all Sunday, but you don’t want to say so – you’re pocket money’s at stake here! This stuff ain’t bad though.


12. Omega Speedmaster Racing

Okay, how much do you really love your dad, because now we’re getting serious. The Omega Speedmaster is not only supercool because it’s the first watch to get to the moon – yep, Neil Armstrong wore one – but also because there is a racing series.


13. Driving Shoes

How well do you know your father? Do you know his shoe size for example? Then get him some proper driving loafers – comfortable, supportive in the heel, perfect for heel and toeing and cool enough to make you feel like Steve McQueen.


14. Leather Gulf Racing Jacket

Talking of Steve McQueen – here’s a jacket that every car guy would love and as worn by Steve McQueen in the movie LeMans. You can’t help but look cool in this!


15. Emergency car kit

Is your dad on the road a lot? Want to make sure he’s always safe whatever the conditions and if he should break down? Then how about a full emergency car kit that includes yellow triangle, jumper cables, shovel, tow rope, tool kit, first aid kit, reflective jacket, flashlight, air compressor, safety hammer and more.


16. Car Care Kit

And while you care about your father, he cares about his car. And that includes washing, polishing and valeting the car on the weekends – here’s a great kit to help him with that!


17. Car Maintenance Tool Kit

Then of course there’s those car repair and maintenance jobs to be done. And for that you need a set of tools. Nice ones, like these!


18. Driving Game Simulator Cockpit

For Dads that love gaming – and driving games in particular – this is heaven in the front room – a realistic driving game simulator cockpit – all that’s missing is a cup holder for beverages. This will make for a happy father – plus you get to use it when he’s at work!


19. Very Advanced Driving

Difficult one this – Dad’s hate to be told they’re not the best drivers in the world. But this book has been my personal driving manual since I first started driving. And if you are driving, or about to start, you need to borrow this too!


20. Porsche Travel Cup for the car

For Dads that need coffee on the go this is the stylish way to take caffeine at the wheel – when safe to do so of course! A Porsche Thermal Flash from the Driver’s Selection – high gloss dishwasher safe and double-walled stainless steel to keep the black stuff hot.


21. Floating Back To The Future DeLorean

Did I say no more toy cars? I lied! I left the best for last. A detailed replica model of the Back To the Future DeLorean in full flight mode and on a floating display. Great Scott! This is some kind of voodoo to me – but it’s spectacular. Totally want!


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