Motor Sage Speaks – Buy Your Dream Car Now!

BrownCarGuy & Buddies 07052020 #BCGDaily

This is the time to buy your dream car says James Ruppert! He is the man that created the term Bangernomics – and comic book series about a 70s action hero (Spencer Haze) transporter to present day (which was allegedly modelled on me).

A veteran car journalist who’s extensively written on the new and used car market and authored several books on the subject, researched for TV shows and is regularly asked to give his expert opinion on the car market – hear the Motor Sage Speak!

In this chat we look at the how the car world is coping with the COVID-19 Coronvirus Lockdown: How will the automotive media fair, will there be any car magazines left standing? What are new and used car dealers doing to survive? Will car buying look the same after this lockdown? What’s happening with car prices – will they go up or down? And is now just the right time to buy that dream car you always promised yourself? (Yes actually – watch the video to find out why).

And finally – what is an Innocenti Mini?

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Here’s my previous chat with him from February 2018 on Motoring Middle East

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