When Should You Buy a Car in 2022?

Will Prices Fall?

Essential viewing if you’re thinking of buying a car in the next 12 months. When will be the right time to buy a new or used car in 2022? New car prices and used car prices are much higher than normal – why is this happening? What will happen next. Will prices come down? What’s causing supply issues? Will rising living costs impact car sales? All these questions answered in this video – watch now.

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Cheapest & Costliest Places in the World to Buy a New Car

You Won’t Believe the Price Difference!

In this video I look at data from Confused.com highlighting the cheapest and most expensive places in the world to buy cars. You simply will not believe the price difference between the cheapest and most expensive. It’s a shocker. Watch now.

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The Cars That Lose the Most Money

And make the Best Used Buys – save up to 60%!

In my last video I highlighted research by driver training outfit Zutobi on the lowest depreciating cars. But they also sent out a list of the cars that depreciated the most – now these are the ones to avoid buying new, but potentially are great bargains used.

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Motor Sage Speaks – Buy Your Dream Car Now!

BrownCarGuy & Buddies 07052020 #BCGDaily

This is the time to buy your dream car says James Ruppert! He is the man that created the term Bangernomics – and comic book series about a 70s action hero (Spencer Haze) transporter to present day (which was allegedly modelled on me).

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