Cars to be banned! Brown Car Guy update 04022020

Latest update from Shahzad Sheikh AKA Brown Car Guy

From 2035 petrol and diesel car sales will be banned in the U.K. I have a PHEV BMW on test – should I plug it in? #BCGDaily – please Follow/Subscribe to my Instagram and YouTube channel, links on the right of this post!

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  1. Have any of these idiots bothered to check out the Human Rights Act concerning ‘Freedom of Choice’? I think the Government and anybody else stupid enough to try to ban cars will fall foul of this if they were taken to the court in The Hague. How would the government fare if a company that makes both racing cars and road cars (like Lotus, McClaren, etc) or even a new company formed to do just what the established companies already offer challenged them by saying ‘We can make what we want and we are promoting British goods and British technology through our racing and Research and Development programmes. You are denying us both the promotion of this country on the global market place and attracting money into our country, creating new and safeguarding existing British jobs, as well as denying British and Overseas customers freedom of choice’. Food for thought!

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