Petrol Prices at Record High!

Average price to fill up rises £12 annually to about £80 per tank!

Fuel prices hit a record high in the United Kingdom with average price per litre at £1.43 – it’s $1.50 at the pumps behind me, and I’ve had reports of 1.75 from some places. The cost of filling up an average car has risen $12 in a year, it’s now at over £78. I break down the costs and have more bad news in this video!

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Why 2030 ICE New Car Sales Ban Won’t Work in the UK

It’s unfeasible and unviable. in this video I explain why

18112020 #BCGBulletin – Petrol and Diesel (ICE) new car sales to be banned in Britain from 2030 – today the government has confirmed what the news announced a few days ago when I recorded this video. Hybrid cars will be allowed to continue to 2035, but otherwise manufacturer can only sell electric cars – this is supposed to happen in a mere 9 years.

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Cars Banned! UK Petrol and diesel car sales ban brought forward to 2035

Time is running out for the era of the traditional combustion engine!

As a pukka petrolhead, this sounds like terrible news. The UK has brought forward its deadline on the ban on selling petrol and diesel cars – including hybrid cars! Previously the date was set as the year 2040, however that’s now been revised to just 15 years from now – 2035.

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Cars to be banned! Brown Car Guy update 04022020

Latest update from Shahzad Sheikh AKA Brown Car Guy

From 2035 petrol and diesel car sales will be banned in the U.K. I have a PHEV BMW on test – should I plug it in? #BCGDaily – please Follow/Subscribe to my Instagram and YouTube channel, links on the right of this post!

Kia Stinger 2.2 CRDi Review

Did you even realise there was a diesel Stinger too?

I teamed up with ex Pulling Power TV motoring journalist Kevin Haggarthy ( @Drivin on Twitter ) to review the diesel version of the Kia Stinger? This or entry-level diesel versions of the BMW 3 Series, Jaguar XE and Alfa Romeo Giulia?

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