Bentley’s new Flying Bees – the buzzing kind

Somebody ordered the wrong kind of ‘b’s?

It seems that when someone told someone else at Bentley to order some ‘flying bs’ it got misintepreted – because instead of the famous ‘flying b’ emblem, they now have 120,000 flying bees of the buzzing kind!

Actually it’s all part of a new biodiversity initiative (now claims the company anyway!) with two bee hives at Bentley HQ.

Apis Mellifera honey bees, have been successfully installed on grassland at the edge of the Bentley site. The area has been sown with bee friendly wild flowers – and as it borders the Cheshire countryside, it is proving to be the perfect habitat for the bees.

Each hive has the potential to create around 15kg – or approximately 50 jars of honey.

Peter Bosch, Bentley’s Member of the Board for Manufacturing explains:

‘Bees populations are in decline in the UK, so installing two hives to help boost biodiversity is a great way to make use of the grassland at the edge of the site.

‘Our “flying bees” are honeybees that have been bred by local beekeepers with over fifty years’ experience. With their help, we’re checking on them every week and it’s great to see that they’re already starting to produce the first Bentley honey.’

So next time a Bentley buyer says they got stung – they may not be referring to a big bill!

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