Porsche Mission E appears in Playmobil movie

Secret Agent Rex Dasher will be charging about in an electric Porsche


How adorable is this? As Playmobile tries to take a leaf out of LEGO’s playbook, so to speak, and create its own movie franchise, it also cottons on to the idea of product placement with automobile companies.

Enter Porsche, which will provide one of the lead characters with a mini-me version of the all-electric Porsche Mission E concept car, first revealed at the Frankfurt motor show in 2015, and later evolving into the Taycan EV sports saloon. Although it seems a bit odd that with the Taycan due to go on sale within the next couple of months, why it’s not the Taycan featured in the new ainmated movie – due to hit cinemas at the end of August.

Porsche and Playmobil have been jointly developing play sets since 2014 and apparently Porsche was Playmobil’s first licensed product, which I guess explains why the secret agent character drives the Mission E and not an Aston Martin.

Rex Dasher’s Porsche will have special gadgets as he aids main character Marla, on her quest to rescue her younger brother who has disappeared in the Playmobil universe.Of course there will be a movie themed Porsche Playmobil set coming soon. You want one don’t you?

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