95 Great British Classic Cars

Epic display at 2021 Concours of Elegance [Plus Various ‘Distractions’]

In this video we look at the 95th Anniversary Display of British Cars (1926-2021). A line-up of 95 of the finest British cars to celebrate Her Majesty The Queen’s 95th birthday, the selection of cars chosen by David Lillywhite, Editorial Director of Magneto magazine. Along the way I constantly get distracted by other cars, and interview a few people! Join me for this epic walkaround the spectacular concours event. #BCGEvents

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The Cars that could’ve been the Stars – plus a Fridge!

Check out the alternative timeline movie and TV posters

In some classic movies and TV shows, the cars became as big, if not bigger, icons than the human stars. Now we can’t imagine those films without the famous cars – well actually Bristol Street Motors can. It’s dug out the vehicles that might originally have featured, and created posters revealing the would-be alternatives. Some of the cars are quite surprising, but none moreso than the fridge!

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Geneva Motor Show 2020 was the best motor show that never was | Brown Car Guy 05032020

Now we know how much amazing new metal was due to be showcased at the Geneva Motor Show

I’ve been flat out trying to keep up with, and failing to do so, all the news coming out of the Geneva Motor Show this year – except it wasn’t because the show was cancelled. Which is even sadder now that we realise how many new products and concepts were being introduced by main manufacturers alone, never mind smaller companies. Here I run through some of them. Also see my coverage on BritishAsiaNews.com

Meet the Bacalar by Bentley Mulliner Coachbuilding

You couldn’t have the concept, but you could have this, except you can’t – they’re all spoken for

Bentley Mullinar has revealed this incredible two-seat Bacalar based on a Continental GT and inspired by the 2019 EXP 100 GT concept car. Only 12 cars will be made, each with the 6.0-litre W12 engine producing 650bhp.

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Throwback Thursday – Bentley Boy!

Sitting in Bentley Conti R at the British Motor Show

#ThrowBackThursday – been thinking about Motor Shows and how I loved them so much, memorable moments like this certainly contributed. Checking out, and sitting in (!) the Bentley Continental R sometime in the 1990s at the British Motor Show. Read my new British Motor Show coverage in my previous post here! More like this #SSMemoirs

Bentley’s new Flying Bees – the buzzing kind

Somebody ordered the wrong kind of ‘b’s?

It seems that when someone told someone else at Bentley to order some ‘flying bs’ it got misintepreted – because instead of the famous ‘flying b’ emblem, they now have 120,000 flying bees of the buzzing kind!

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