My best videos of 2018

Here are my favourite videos that I worked on in the last 12 months

Based on whether I enjoyed doing them, liked the car involved or was pleased with how they turned out. Click through to watch them!

Starting with not one video but a series because I’m so proud to have worked on The Autocrats TV series broadcast across the FOX MENA network on 6 channels in 28 countries, as the main presenter of this new car show. It’s been extremely hard work – especially shooting episodes in the middle of UAE summer wearing a jacket and tie! But it’s been a terrific learning experience working on quality TV content, and it was huge fun and privilege to work with the team at Accumen Productions that produced this series.

We produced a couple of sponsored content videos for Honda Al Futtaim including this one in which I’m pretty much playing a comic mime! It was huge fun to work on and the guys at Honda were great sports to collaborate with us on our crazy concept. Filippa Guarna did a great job putting this series together. Was particularly please to find that a local university had incorporate this into their Media Studies course as an example of well-executed branded content!

You’re either going to love this or hate this! I figured since I was reviewing an Hyundai ‘Accent’ I might as well do it in a series of accents. Not all of them turned out quite how I was expecting, but I had a lot of fun making this video and certainly made myself laugh. Let me know if you raise a titter or two with you too!

This video was just in response to probably the most frequently asked question by people deluded into thinking I have the best job in the world. I’ve also written about this extensively on this very blog.

That time I appeared in an instructional/promotional video for Adnoc – as if I was a motoring journalist in Miami Vice – LOL. Loved doing this though.

I really regret not buying a Ford Mustang. Honestly they’re not the best sports, or even muscle cars if looked at purely in a clinical fashion, as the Camaro is dynamically a more competent steer and arguably the Challenger is even more evocative, but there is just something about the legendary status, standard-setting heritage and the sheer cacophony of charisma resonating from its loudmouth tailpipes, and dripping off its iconic silhouette.

I was really taken by the 2.0-litre Jag F-Type and would have one for sure. The lighter engine turned this into an eager sports car. The three variations of the F have quite distinct personalities, the V6 is the grand tourer and the V8 the muscle car.

I can’t believe I danced, well vaguely, kinda, just a teeny little bit, in this video, channeling my inner Spandau Ballet and their iconic hit ‘Gold’ for this review. Well they were from Islington in London, as am I!

Just couldn’t believe how far forward Bentley jumped with the all-new Continental GT. I always admired the previous car, but never really desired one, but this thing is totally lustworthy!

I am so very glad that after several years of just serving up the same stale dish getting colder and colder, Aston Martin has finally rediscovered its mojo. I like the DB11, but the DBS was simply sensational and quite something else to drive. Having pedaled the new Vantage up Jebel Hafeet I want one, and have completely forgiven that front end which I still kind of struggle with.

This was one of the real surprises of the year – a riotous and roarty little car that’s so much more than you might thing at first glance. Plus I nearly locked myself in the boot whilst filming this, on my own, in the middle of nowhere. Eeek!

At last an entry-level Ferrari that’s worthy of the Cavallino Rampante badge. The modern California is a distant memory. Hello Portofino!

My son Junaid filmed and edited this review for me, he even wanders into a couple of the scenes! Had fun doing it, and reckon he did a great job with the final edit. He also filmed the Mini Clubman review too. Two of several car reviews that I shot in the UK this year.

Middle part of a three-part series during a tour with Jaguar Land Rover of its UK facilities. This was my favourite because I got to drool over classic beauties and this XJS was such a sore temptation – I could so rock this!

Filming whilst driving on track is not always easy – as has been demonstrated by others in the past to rather disastrous effect. Fortunately I managed to get away with it, particularly when the cars are this cooperative and fun to drive. And what you get on screen in this situation is real raw emotion.

Was a bit of a privilege to drive this rare beast at the Dubai Autodrome, I’ve always said from the first time I drove the Jaguar XE that it was worthy of more power and performance – here’s the ultimate interpretation of that expression. What a thing!

Believe it or not, this was the first time I actually had a go at drag racing in anger, and not just for a feature or video. Again, as much as I doth protest that I am not a competitive soul, I think something else becomes apparent in this vid!

Getting inspired by an episode of The Autocrats in which they had five of me in one scene, I attempted to clone myself for this video review of the Camry hybrid. Was quite pleased with the result.

I think the heady air of the stunning hills of Austria and the weirdness of trashing Dubai-registered Jeep Wranglers through the woods must have gone to my head – there’s some silly clips in this video which I will disavow if you think they’re absurd.

Really enjoyed meeting up again with veteran UK car journalist – and founder of ‘Bangernomics’ – James Ruppert after about 15 years and having a great chat with him on camera.



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