Compilation of my monthly snapshots of 2018 on Instagram (@ShahzadSheikh ‘BrownCarGuy’)

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2018 on Instagram

January 2018

  • Helicopter ride with Infiniti to review the new QX80
  • Press trip with Jaguar – and one scary flight – to drive new E-Pace
  • Meeting up with old buddy and legend in automotive journalism, James Ruppert
  • Filming two hilarious videos for Honda with the Jazz
  • Brief stop at the Eiffel
  • Hanging out with the family and dear friends in London
  • Updating my UK driving licence to a modern photo ID at last

2018 on Instagram

February 2018

  • Attending a car show
  • Reviewing a bunch of new SUVs
  • Reenacting ‘Gold’ with a terrible dance for my VW Arteon review
  • Honda Accord launch
  • Radio show with James Piecowye on Dubai Eye – in our sixth year of weekly CarTalk
  • Reviewing a Focus RS in the rain
  • Pretending to be a young car ‘Influencer’
  • Finding a Beat
  • Green Audi RS5 turning me into the Hulk

2018 on Instagram

March 2018

  • Hosting a live show at Volkswagen Club event at Dubai Autodrome
  • Running a ‘worst customer ever’ scenario workshop with Honda sales staff
  • Live broadcasts from Al Tayer Pre-Owned Sale
  • More family time in the UK
  • Finding old cars in the UAE – see vid on
  • Driving the Range Rover PHEV through water and Sport SVR on track at speed
  • Living out my ‘Brown Bond’ fantasies whilst testing the awesome Aston Martin DB11

2018 on Instagram

April 2018

  • Start filming for new Autocrats car show on FOX MENA region TV to be broadcast in 28 countries on 6 channels with over 200 showings per episode! Fame beckons? LOL!
  • Remembering Dad
  • Mum’s Birthday
  • Spending time with my son Junaid in Dubai
  • More radio shows
  • Promotional/Instructional video I filmed for Abu Dhabi fuel stations Adnoc goes live, my 80s-style suit gets another outing on video – LOL.
  • First drive of an electric car over a long distance – impressed with the Chevrolet Bolt
  • Drag racing BMWs at Yas Marina Circuit
  • Emirates Custom Car Show in Abu Dhabi
  • More car reviews including all-new Ferrari Portofino

2018 on Instagram

May 2018

  • More radio
  • More episodes for Autocrats in the can
  • EmCee for a paints event
  • Driving the mighty Corvette ZR1 on track

2018 on Instagram

June 2018

  • After six years, the last ever CarTalk on Dubai Eye radio
  • Hanging out with my dear childhood friend Kalpesh visiting Dubai
  • Got the manual 5.0 Mustang back for Motoring Middle East review – loved this car, would have one.
  • First episode of Autocrats goes on air – thanks for all the great feedback!

2018 on Instagram

July 2018

  • Filming for Autocrats in over 50 degrees C!
  • Jeep Wrangler international launch in Austria
  • Cloned myself for Camry hybrid review
  • Do a bunch of terrible accents for Hyundai Accent review of course
  • Kick off summer in the UK with family

2018 on Instagram

August 2018

  • Holiday? What Holiday? Doing a bunch of car reviews in the UK
  • Autocrats have cloned me for Land Rover Review – can you handle five of me? LOL!
  • Fun in sun with fam during a fantastically warm summer in London

2018 on Instagram

September 2018

  • Back to work
  • Guests on morning show on new Sharjah Talk Radio Channel Pulse 95
  • Volkswagen Teramont launch event in Oman
  • Lotus showroom opening – I’m in heaven!
  • House of Avalon event
  • Visiting a haunted house in Ras Al Khaimah in a Bentley
  • Fell in love with the all-new Bentley Continental GT – what a wonderful machine!
  • Running a long-term E-Pace

2018 on Instagram

October 2018

  • Fantastic UK tour with Jaguar-Land Rover, visiting factories, driving off-road and checking out Classic Works – my favourite part of the trip.
  • I visited Shakespeare’s place but he wasn’t in!
  • I believe in Innovation
  • Awesome Aston Martin drive at Jebel Hafeet, super impressed with Aston Martin DBS, finally fell in love with the new Vantage
  • Covered Jaguar-Land Rover live event at the Dubai Autodrome
  • Blown away by a drive of the amazing Project 8 Jaguar XE SV
  • Filmed a couple of Mercs for a promotional film – that Maybach is sublime!
  • Virtually worthy enough to wield Excalibur sword – you’ll have to see Avalon review to figure out why!

2018 on Instagram

November 2018

  • Filming the new G-Wagon for Autocrats – interior is a massive leap forward!
  • Kicking off podcast version of CarTalk to replace the radio show with James Piecowye
  • First ever visit to Yas Marina circuit during F1 weekend, thanks to Aston Martin
  • Got a selfie with Sir Jackie Stewart – Legend!
  • Attended launch of Milan Red concept car at Deals on Wheels – the name of the car is related to a bird of prey, hence I’m holding a falcon with DoW owner!
  • Some of my most popular posts this year have been ThrowBackThursdays and FlashBackFridays, with occasional stories on this blog to go with them. Search #SSMemoirs to see them

  • Reviewing the new Ram, Haval H6 and VW Touareg
  • Podcasting with James Piecowye
  • Meeting Normando the Magician
  • Reviewing three Audis – including my last review for Motoring Middle East, the Q8
  • Yep, you read that right – leaving Motoring Middle East
  • Farewell everyone, at Cafe Rider
  • See off at the airport – a new adventure awaits in the New Year!

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