A most extraordinary bit of press release writing

Can you guess what this press release is actually about?

Press release

Click continue and I’ll read it out to you. You won’t want to miss this!

I may know a thing or two about press release writing – I’ve even run workshops on them – so I can tell you that a good press release puts the most salient and obvious facts and info, in the most easily comprehensible manner, right at the top.

If there is any room for, shall we say, creative writing, it would be on the second page of an extended version of the release.

Now I can understand PRs trying something a bit different to try and catch a journalist’s attention. But normally, as I do, a journo will quickly glance at an email and if it’s not the dreaded ‘can we have a chat’ missive from the boss (start packing!) or anything else that isn’t immediately obvious as something useful, he or she will immediately move on.

I did the same with the particular email containing the release discussed here. But whilst sorting through my backlog, I happened on it a second time, and I’m glad I took a moment to examine it further. Because it turned out to be one of the most extraordinary press releases I had read in quite a while, and one that simply defied all known laws of press release writing.

It’s either an epic work of art that deserves a prime place in the eternal gallery of press releases, or it’s the most extravagant waste of poetic prose ever committed to a word processor. You decide!

Either way, I do believe it deserved to be aired and receive due attention, even though I would never use it as an actual press release.

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