I’m on Snapchat

I don’t understand it but I’m on it – and much silliness is sure to ensue!

Snapchat Snapcode

It appears that you put up pics and extremely short 10-second videos that will be visible only once to your followers, or for 24 hours only to yourself. You can’t see how many followers you have, people can’t Like, Share or Comment on your posts or ‘Stories’ as they’re called. You can’t put in links, nor share content directly with other social media channels – unless you download it.

You can’t easily be found, unless people have your Snapcode, and there doesn’t appear to be any discernible way to measure the impact of your posts. Admittedly I’ve literally just started using it, so am still feeling my way around.

Snapchat collage

Ostensibly though, it appears to be medium of bite-sized throw-away content. Which of course opens up entirely new possibilities, and you can start to see the appeal of it. Your Snaps appear to reach all your followers (unlike Facebook and Instagram) and people really have to seek you out and follow you – which suggests some level of commitment.


I already have a substantial personal presence on Facebook, a decent following on Instagram and some followers on Twitter. With Snapchat I’ll be taking a more absurd, irreverent and trivial approach. So scan the Snapcode above and follow me there now for much pointless silliness and absurdity.

Snapchat faceswap

Let the madness commence!


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