Partha Srinivasan

How to get the First 1000 Subs for your YouTube Channel on Cars!

‘Brown Car Guy & Buddies’ – the multi-faceted Partha Srinivasan is not only a car and motorbike guy, but a PR and marketing professional as well as a tech-head, consultant and my personal digital media guru! It’s thanks to his guidance and road map that I achieved 1000 subscribers on this very YouTube Channel in less than nine months.

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Exclusive Interview Gordon Murray on his new T.50 Supercar!

I talk to famed car designer, Professor Gordon Murray about his all-new and true successor to the iconic McLaren F1

See my exclusive interview with Murray by clicking on the video above, in which he reveals all the details and thinking behind the extraordinary new T.50 supercar.

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Post Opulence Rolls-Royce & Post-Pandemic VW + how Mr Fusion & Atomic batteries could save the world!

28072020 #BCGBulletin – an open letter from the Boss of Rolls-Royce, what Volkswagen thinks the future of transport will look like, plus Star Trek, Back to the Future and Batman!

  • All-new Rolls-Royce Ghost is on the way – and the CEO has written an open letter but ‘post-opulence’.
  • Volkswagen gives its insights into what a post-COVID-19 world of transport might look like.
  • A new Institute in the UK will dream up new innovations in motoring and engineering.
  • Lorries that think they’re trams – is that a good idea?

Did Hyundai just make a Porsche?

This is the concept EV ‘Prophecy’ – possibly Hyundai’s take on what Porsche should’ve done?

Did Hyundai just think ‘screw it, let’s just make a Porsche’? – that’s what it looks like with the Korean car company’s latest concept – the Prophecy EV… so does that mean in future all cars will look like Porsches? Well that can’t be a bad thing then!

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A third of drivers clueless about the tech on their cars | Brown Car Guy 25022020

The avalanche of gadgets and gismos in modern motors is leaving owners flummoxed

According a study carried out by the reborn British Motor Show (click here to read all about it), which returns this August, more than a third (35%) of car owners don’t understand the technological features in their cars, and hence don’t use them. And it’s not entirely their fault – over 70% reveal that the features were not properly explained by the salespeople that sold them the car (probably because they didn’t know either!).

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Save the World, Don’t Ban Cars! | Brown Car Guy 18022020

Latest Brown Car Guy Update 18022020 #BCGDaily

My feature on about why the UK’s 2035 ban on sales of diesel, petrol and
hybrid cars is wrong, has sparked a lot of discussion for and against. Please click here to go there and get involved!

Ford Mustang Mach-E in London – BCG 14022020

My latest #BCGDaily update is brought to you from Ford Go Electric in Marble Arch, London

Today’s update comes to you from Marble Arch in London, where I’ve been checking out their temp exhibit ‘Go Electric’ on from today (14 Feb) till 21 Feb 2020 – watch the video and go check it out. Make sure you try the simulator!


Interview – Electric Cats Ho!

Speaking to Salman Sultan, Regional PR and Social Media Manager, Jaguar-Land Rover

Here’s an interview I did as part of research for an article published in The National newspaper Abu Dhabi. I was only able to use a small bit of it for the piece, but it’s an interesting conversation, so here’s the full copy!

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Interview – Electric Chevrolets in the Middle East

Speaking to Farah Amhaz, Head of Brand, Chevrolet, Middle East about electric cars

Here’s an interview I did as part of research for an article published in The National newspaper Abu Dhabi. Due to space constraints I was only able to use a very small portion of it, but it’s fascinating stuff, so here is the full text.

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Diamond Batteries, Synthetic Fuel from CO2 & Red Herrings. Brown Car Guy update 05022020

Latest update from Shahzad Sheikh AKA Brown Car Guy

Are electric cars really the only answer, or are there alternatives we should also be considering? Could goverments be making a costly mistake with draconian legislation to ban petrol, diesel and hybrid cars?

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