2022 Savile Row Concours

Pics and vids from Inaugural luxury lifestyle car event in central London

More videos and individual interviews to come – stay tuned! #bcgevents Further videos will follow, stay tuned and book mark this page! Pics below.

Walkaround of the spectacular Savile Row Concours exotic and bespoke supercar and classic car show held last week on the world-famous Savile Row street, known for exclusive and boutique tailoring and luxury products. The cars were all high end luxury, performance and classic cars.

Co-Founder Lukas Czinger talks to us about the UK Debut of the astonishing Czinger 21C 1250bhp 3D printed hypercar featuring unique tandem (1+1) seating, huge scissor doors and hybrid technology. It’s now available in Europe and the UK and is also being offered in the Middle East with dealers to be set up in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Meet engineer Neville Swales of BuildingTheLegend who builds bespoke V12 engines, inspired by a one-off 1966 Jaguar XJ13 motor that never went into production originally, and fits them to restored and restomodded classic custom Jaguars. Here he was with two of his E-Type recreations at Saville Row Concours in London last week. Find him at buildingthelegend.co.uk

Catching up with Mike Kerr, Engineering Director at Everrati who make stunning electric versions of the classic Porsche 911, Land Rover Defender Series II and the Ford GT40.

Interview with Ukrainian artists, the Zayichenko duo who create automotive art, that was recently displayed at the Savile Row concours where four of their pieces (based on Aston Martins) to raise money to get ambulances for Ukraine. They will be at the London Concours next week too. But you can find them at www.OpenMindArt.org.uk

Ex automotive metal worker turns to creating art and sculpture and declares ‘F*ck Cars!!’ – we catch up with him at Savile Row Concours and ask him about three of his creations a rocket can, an space-time travelling spaceship dubbed Scorpio and something that looks like it’s out of Monsters Inc but has more darker undertones about if we’re all watching or being watched? Amazing stuff – find him at www.southanindustries.com

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