Car-Killer Potholes are Costing us Billions £££!!!

Is the pothole problem getting worse? And what will it take to get it fixed?

Car-Killer Potholes are Costing us Billions of Pounds. The pothole problem is worse than ever, they’re destroying cars, costing motorists billions, and the government’s extra funding is a drop in the ocean when it comes to fixing our crumbling roads, here’s why.

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ULEZ News Update – 24 March 2023

What the BBC website really has to say about the ULEZ Expansion in August

In my latest ULEZ News Update, I look at what MSM (Main Stream Media) or in this case, the BBC in particular, really say about ULEZ. Turns out there is a page on the BBC News website, that is surprisingly fair and frank in its assessment. Perhaps there is hope after all. Now if only they’d come and cover the protests! See the page here

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Govt Road Charging Consultation Deadline Tomorrow!!

There’s a consultation on Road Charging, and the deadline is 10 March 2023 – get on it now

Unknown to a lot of people, the authorities are not only planning city-wide and possibly even nationwide road-charging, but is opening talking about it, and is now inviting public consultation responses on it. You’d better respond quickly. I only found out yesterday and the deadline is tomorrow Friday 10th March 2023! Here’s the link and below are my responses to the very loaded questions!

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Every Day You’re Ranting ‘bout ULEZ – Another Anti-ULEZ Song!

By the Car Seize Thiefs – AKA Tim Ansell!

Tim Ansell has been writing Anti-ULEZ songs – see the previous one (set to the tune of ‘Who Let the Dogs Out?’ here) and now this latest offering – ‘Every Day You’re Ranting ’bout ULEZ’. This one is set to ‘Everyday I Love You Less and Less’ by Kaiser Chiefs. I suggest you read Tim Ansell’s amazing lyrics, with the song playing – hilarious!

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‘Who Let The Dogs Out?!’ An Anti-ULEZ Song 😂

‘ULEZ the Truth’s Out’ is a brilliantly hilarious Anti-ULEZ Anti-Sadiq Khan parody song set to the tune of Who Let The Dogs Out!

A multi-talented petrolhead friend of mine back in Dubai is an engineer, businessman, adventurer, photographer, journalist and is actively part of the motorsports scene in the region. It now turns out, he has another astonishing skill – song-writing! From afar, the concerned citizen has been closely following all my ULEZ expansion content, and was inspired enough to pen an anti-ULEZ / anti-Sadiq Khan song written to the tune of the Baha Men song from 2000: ‘Who Let the Dogs Out!’ I suggest you read Tim Ansell’s amazing lyrics, with the song playing – it’s brilliant!

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ULEZ News: Proof Pay-Per-Mile Coming! Plus Next Protest Date

Pay-Per-Mile is being Planned – Evidence from TFL website!

I have the date, time, and place for the next Anti-ULEZ Expansion protest, plus proof that Pay-Per-Mile could be coming, based on a report from the TFL website. You thought it was just a conspiracy – it’s not, it’s real. This is why ULEZ impacts EVERYBODY and why we all need to stop it now.

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