How To Bounce Back From Failures & Maintain Drive & Passion

What makes me tick! Interview with Muhammad Ali Haji of

Deep-dive interview and podcast by Behind The Wheel ( ) charting the highs and lows of my career and experiences. Video and podcast reproduced here with kind permission


Here’s what they wrote in the description to this video:

“This is the Behind the Wheel Podcast. My name is Muhammad Ali Haji, and I am so, so delighted to welcome a man, who is the definition of brain plasticity!

“His ability to adapt, change and learn new things in response to societal trends and the ever-changing needs of his audience, with a committee and determination to always, always be of service, is just so inspirational.

“Shahzad AKA Brown Car Guy is a multi-media journalist and content creator with three decades of practical experience, and a proven track record of success in the areas of print, digital, broadcast, video and TV. He is an innovator and early adopter and brings a unique blend of enthusiasm, passion and dedication to every endeavour he undertakes.

“My guest for today co-presented a weekly automotive show on Dubai Eye Radio, the UAE’s leading talk radio station. He’s also run and hosted live events, including a daily panel show at the last two editions of the Dubai International Motor Show. Prior to this he was Editor of the Middle East edition of CAR Magazine, was News Editor at UK-based Automotive Research Firm JATO Dynamics, was Deputy Editor during the reinvention of Used Car Buyer magazine in 2004 and Editor of website in 1999 which he launched.”

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