It’s Not Easy being a Brown Car Guy!

Very special and hilarious episode about the trauma, trials & tribulations of being a #BrownCarGuy

A very special, and hilarious, episode in which I talk about the unique challenges, particularly for me, in being a car guy as a brown or Asian person, and then on top of that, to actually (through blind determination and ignoring all the naysayers) choose to forge a career in automotive and motoring media and journalism, and still be struggling with that choice to the present day. I reveal funny episodes involving a Ferrari F40 and Samosas and ponder what I’d look like in other professions.

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The Big Jalebi Ep1: How to make millions in one year

Check out the first episode of The Big Jalebi Interviews – Intricate, Tasteful & Moreish. Conversation you won’t want to miss!

Jane Bayler having a background in business development, sales & marketing, is a property entrepreneur, and business relationship expert. She has successfully developed and maintained profitable business relationships across three sectors: media, education and property.

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I still need an adult

Collision course to catastrophe or keeping it real and rocking?

I need an adult

Sitting and caressing a cup of cocoa, thoughts of life, the universe and how 42 was definitely not the right answer, start creeping into the remaining cells of the grey matter now thinly stretching across the vast empty cavern of my rattly old skull.

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