BMW M4 Competition Vs Porsche 911 [Brand New Vs Classic Cool] Review

I put the all-new BMW M4 Competition against the classic Porsche 911 and reveal the better buy!

In this video series I look at desirable brand new cars, compare them to cool classic cars and tell you which one you should buy.

In this case I recommend the iconic pre-1989 Porsche 911, specifically in Targo form, ideally with the M491 wide-body spec (SuperSport or Turbo-look as it was called) in 3.2 Carrera guise, although it is possible to get a 930 Turbo for this budget too. There are also cabriolets or convertibles for this money, with the Turbo-look body or without.

I explain why I’m recommending the 911 instead of the original E30 M3 BMW which would also be a worthy alternative and now for almost the same money as a new BMW M4 Competition which starts at £76,000 but can easily be specced up to nearly £100k. It’s an undoubtedly sensation machine, despite it’s controversial snout, but which of these are cooler?

Follow this new series on #BCGBulletin as #BCGBrandNewVsClassicCool and I hope to do more of these. Would love to get your feedback and suggestions!

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