How much of a Petrolhead are you?

Answer the questions to get a Petrolhead score

How much of a Petrolhead are you? Score 1 point for each of the below statements that apply to you and put your score in the comments!

  • You buy lots of car magazines
  • There are more car pictures in your phone than people and/or pet pictures
  • Your social media feed is 80% cars
  • Your favourite section in the library/bookshop is Automotive
  • You favourite pastime is photographing or videoing cars
  • You have been to see a motor sports event live
  • You passed your driving test first time
  • You always name your car
  • You have been to a car show/meet/event
  • You have visited an automotive museum
  • You always park your car as far away as possible from other vehicles in a car park
  • You drive a manual car
  • Your main job is related to cars
  • You do your own servicing and repairs
  • You have owned a rear-wheel drive car
  • You have driven at over 150mph or 250kph
  • You have been on a track day
  • You have owned a V8 (or above) engine car
  • You always look back at your car
  • You have created your own cloud cover with a massive burnout
  • You have done donuts in a car
  • You executed a precise handbrake turn
  • You performed a J-Turn just like in the movies
  • You have met your automotive hero
  • You have pulled off a perfect drift
  • You have restored or extensively customised/modified a car
  • You have taken part in a competitive motor sports activity (being a volunteer marshal also counts)
  • You have designed/built/engineered a car from scratch (either professionally for a manufacturer or for yourself)
  • You are following/subscribing to BrownCarGuy on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook &
  • You are supporting BrownCarGuy on

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