My Favourite Videos of 2019

Here are some of my favourite videos from this year!

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Starting with the last one I filmed in Dubai! And a unique full family review.

First video produced with Kevin Haggarthy – a lot of fun!

Something of an exclusive, not many have reviewed this car. Review here. 

Just loved that Esprit!

First UK press car tested for BrownCarGuy and filmed by son Junaid @Junji4Real on Instagram

Great interview with Wheeler Dealer’s Ant Anstead – I kinda screwed up the filming, but still a great convo!

Despite all the rain – this was one of those ‘wish this was my Groundhog Day’ situations.

Mixing with Tyrese and interviewing Paul Walker’s brother Cody – plus a great event. Sadly I again screwed up the sound on the main interview.

Loved doing this entire project for DriveTribe, and this video brilliantly produced by son Junaid again!

Loved the little Aygo and another great video production by Junaid.

Another awesome video about an awesome day, with an awesome mate, just driving awesome cars!

Love this classic Honda, and quite enjoyed making this video, despite the weather – story here.

Great to spend a day driving an absolute legend of a machine, story here.

This video is great, because this car is simply sensational. It’s so good, I want one!

Brilliant reedit of footage of me ‘drifting’ a BMW at the press launch of the British Motor Show that returns in August 2020. 

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