My Favourite Photos of 2019

Here’s my personal top snaps of the year

This one doesn’t count, although it is a self-portrait and I do it like because that’s a really cool car – fortunately I have another great picture of it, several in the feature actually…

Quite proud of this! Consider that this was shot with a 1958 Yashica 635 TLR camera on medium format film – full manual settings, with a little help from a light meter app on my phone, and no way to know if it came out alright till I got it back from the developers. Fortunately it did, along with several others. See them and read the full story here!

It’s frankly hard to shoot a bad picture of this car I discovered. It’s not the prettiest looking car in the traditional sense, but it has show-stopping style, a brusque brutality, and heady handsomeness that gives it inordinate presence. Shot with my trusty old Canon DSLR. Check out the more images, and a video and written review here 

In contrast this little Honda Prelude remains as pretty today as it was when I saw the first images of it back in 1989. Hoped I’d one day get to drive – and shoot one – and this year I did. Fortunately I found a nice location for it, even if it was a little cold, it was worth it! Full feature on this car with video here. 

Got really luck with this. Stylish SUV, in a great location, on a good day, at sunset and just enough light left to let me get away with this handheld shot as I didn’t have my tripod with me. I wasn’t even there to shoot this car, it was a chance snap.

Not everyone likes HDR, but sometimes I do enjoy HDRing the heck out of images, and subjects like this really seem to work. It helps being in a spectacular location in Italy at this years Camp Jeep, where the modern day Jeep Gladiator was introduced. Shot on iPhone. For video, pics and story, click here.  


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