Weird stuff customers bring to test drives!

Forget Snakes on a Plane, why is there a snake in the test car?!

A 12-foot snake, a mattress and a pair of parrots – just some of the things that customers brought along on test drives, UK’s used car dealers have revealed in a survey by

The line-up of bizarre accompaniments also included other pets asides from the deadly slithering kind, or the bright squawking kind, such as a cat and a Great Dane in a child’s car seat, which seems somewhat logical, but then also fish and even a horse!

And whilst I always advise people to take their families along to make sure everyone will fit and be comfortable in their next car, taking the ashes of your dead relatives seems a bit extreme, but some do.

Musicians often bring instruments including a double bass, drum kit and even an accordion, whilst someone worryingly brought a truncheon and perhaps even more alarmingly, another brought a rifle!

So what’s the craziest thing you ever took on a test drive? Or if you’re a car salesperson, what’s the weirdest thing you saw?

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