Almost shock-defeat for Lexus in satisfaction survey!

In automotive terms this would’ve been the shocker of the century

Driver Power from Auto Express is the UK’s version of JD Power brand satisfaction surveys in the States. It basically canvasses actual owners and buyers for real-world results on car buying and car ownership and sums them up in overall ratings and scores. Unsurprisingly the Japanese car brands dominate. Except they nearly didn’t this year!

In the Driver Power 2019 Brand Satisfaction Survey results, the Japanese marques have of course taken six of the top 10 spots. That’s not unusual. What might knock you right off your comfy chair however is that the icon of rusty unreliability that’ll steal your heart and empty your wallet and lead to years of therapy with the Car Counselling groups like the lesser-known Alfaholics Anonymous, yes  Alfa Romeo, was SECOND on the list after Lexus!

And that wasn’t exactly a ‘distant’ second. In fact the reborn Italian brand nearly pulled off a shock victory scoring 92.04% – that was just 0.02% behind Lexus at 92.06. To put that in context third placed Kia scored 91.54%.

The other brands that made up the top ten in order were Mazda, Skoda, Subaru, Honda, Suzuki and, then another surprise, Jaguar (historically found at or near the bottom of the JD Power surveys) taking 9th spot AHEAD of Toyota. Good show Jag!

But I’m not finished with Alfa yet. Whilst the Toyota brand only made it into 10th place, in the 2019 ‘Best Cars to Own’ survey, the hybrid hero Toyota Prius, took top spot with a score of 93.22, followed by the Lexus IS Mk3 at 93.19.

Then came the Alfa Romeo Giulia at 93 – yep the compact executive saloon from the land of the Leaning Tower of Pisa (and to be fair they’ve just recently fixed that from falling over – they are really getting their game together now!) is the third most loved car in the UK survey.

It was followed by the Kia Sorento Mk3, Lexus RX Mk4, Skoda Kodiaq, Peugeot 3008 Mk2, Hyundai Ioniq, Lexus GS Mk4 and Kia Niro Mk1.

And did you notice something else? Five of these top cars are actually saloons (I’m counting the Prius too) and not actually SUVs, despite some manufacturers deciding to exclusively switch to cross-over and off-road style vehicles, it would seem there is still much love left for the four-door cars.

I’ve reviewed some of these cars – see the vids below:

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