The E-Type that didn’t make it Easy

When a desperate flight seems wasted but you make it work anyway!

#FlashBackFriday to about 8 years ago when I was producing the Middle East edition of Car magazine (at ITP Media Group in Dubai) and things didn’t quite go to plan.

We were commissioned to do a supplement on the Jaguar E-Type, that required original photography and video, but just could not find a working example that we could use in Dubai.

Up against a deadline, we threw the net out further and found the dealer in Kuwait had one which they were willing to lend us. We booked Kuwaiti photographer Mishari AlReshaid to shoot it and myself and Haratch Totonjian the videographer flew over.

At the location the beautiful E-Type was delivered on a flatbed. To get some panning shots I started to drive up and down a nearby road, we barely did a couple of runs and it conked out.

They couldn’t fix it on site, so we resorted to pushing to around for the photo locations and even to get a ‘moving’ rig shot! No wonder we look so exhausted a the end of it.

Still, we managed to get it all in the bag and put the special issue out on time! 

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