Top 5 cars to buy this weekend

Friday Fantasy Car Shopping – Here’s my Top Picks for this week

I’ve been browsing the classifieds and these five caught my eye as very tempting purchase prospects.

Check them out.

Now this is a rare and unique beast indeed, in fact it might be the only manual version of its kind. It is a Koenig Special widebody Jaguar XJS with bonnet scoop, rear wing, and BBS RS wheels. Under the skin there are tuned cams, high compression pistons for the 3.6 motor and a modified exhaust. Apparently there are only 14 of these. That extreme body kit might not be to everyone’s taste, I prefer an unadorned XJS myself, but there’s no doubting this is rather special, and not bad for £24,950. Advertised on Autotrader.

Did I miss something? An Alfa Romeo 164 from 1995 for nearly £15,000. Weren’t Alfa 164s dive-bombing in value not that long ago? To be fair though, this pristine one-owner manual version with the 3.0 V6 is very enticing, especially as I always liked the styling of these. It has tons of history, seems to have been very well looked after and beautifully presented even inside. A nice one to buy and keep preserved I reckon. Advertised on Autotrader.

These are my favourite generation Jaguar XJs, and this 4.2 XJ6 Sovereign seems very clean and nicely maintained. It’s claimed to have no scratches on the outside and unmarked leather upholstery with a thick folder of receipts and MoTs. These are going to increase in value for sure so an asking price of under £10k isn’t bad. Advertised on Ebay.

A Porsche for under £4,000, yes indeed. Okay, so it’s a 924 2.5-litre from 1986, but c’mon. It looks rather clean from the pictures and the seller claims it’s been well maintained and completely original with a refurbished interior. The current owner has had it for 13 years. Could be a great investment for the long term. Advertised on Autotrader.

Now this one is personally very tempting. I came close to buying one of these on a couple of occasions in the 90s and early 2000s, but missed out on for one reason or another. I reviewed the second generation Honda Legend when it came out in 1990 and always like it. The coupe to my eyes was one of the most elegant cars to ever come out of Japan, and the creamy 3.2 was such a delight. This 1995 car is said to be in excellent condition with a long MoT. And they seem to be increasing in value at £3000 – they were under 2k last time I checked them out. I’d daily this beauty if I got it though. Advertised on Autotrader.

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