Happy 17th Birthday Son!

Our first time in a delivery room. 17 years ago today. Utterly clueless. Utterly overawed. Utterly terrified.

Junaid 17 birthday

A young husband and wife hold on tightly to each other; wide-eyed and slack jawed on this tortuous, unbelievable, incredible new adventure.

Having a baby together. Bringing a son into the world. What a ride. What a rush! From baby to infant, from infant to boy, from boy to so nearly a man.

No amount of thinking, reading or preparation is enough. There’s no parent manual. You feel your way, you wing it. You pray and hope you are getting it right. I think we are. But the adventure continues.

Here he stands, nearly shoulder-to-shoulder with his old man. Making us amazed, making us smile, making us proud.

Happy Birthday Junaid.

On a special day like this, our greatest gift to you is our pride in you, our hopes for you, our love for you.

There is so much more we wish we could do, so much more we wish could say, so much more we wish we could wish for you. Everything we can, we do.

You are entering now an age where you will start to take the helm of your life with your own hands. Keep steering towards goodness, keep steering towards achievement, keep steering towards awesomeness.

With more emotion than we can ever hope to express – this day we are wishing you every joy and success, wishing you all the wonder and the good, wishing you the greatest of everything. The great adventure continues.

Happy Birthday Junaid.

Love Mum & Dad.

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