1973 Dodge Charger Review

Check out my review of the 1973 Dodge Charger which I drove in Dubai. Find it on Motoring Middle East or hit the link for video and more pics.

1973 Dodge Charger

The 71-74 Charger was the third generation of this illustrious nameplate, and quite frankly the last of the good looking classic Chargers, because the 75 car went very wrong indeed. Don’t look it up on Google, you’ll be sorry!

Abhay Potdar sourced this car in the USA and shipped it over at the beginning of last year having had a bit of work done on the car there, and then some more, including a local respray, once the car got here. Despite that, all-in, he’s managed to find himself riding around in a jaw-droppingly cool muscle car for around AED50,000.

Not bad money at all for a thundering straight-pipe V8 American classic – the best looking of the third gen because in 73 it was subtle restyle making it slightly longer, wider and taller with a more rounded fuselage.

And to drive, apart from a little play in the steering wheel (which could be helped by a little alignment), this feels surprisingly modern and easy to peddle. The uprated brakes are better than I was expecting, performance too was lusty and torquey (despite having what was the best – non-HEMI- 318 5.2-litre moter), and overall this is fine cruiser.

See it out and about at car meets and events in Dubai whilst the weather is good – it has no A/C, and be sure to say hello to Abhay.



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