I’ve only now had the chance to catch up with world events, and specifically the terrible attacks in France, and once again I feel the overwhelming burden of disgust, despair and depression – sadness for the dead, injured and their loved ones; horror that it was once again ‘us Muslims’ that carried out such heinous and cowardly acts; and sheer dread of the potential retribution against the ordinary followers of my faith, who are always left afraid and ashamed to even utter – ‘but it wasn’t us’.

I abhor violence and any form of attack, persecution or oppression of innocents, be it anywhere in the world, against anyone, by anyone. It’s sickening and sad, and entirely unnecessary and misguided, and just plain wrong. I condemn all and any such acts.

I’m also sickened by the sort of evil and base mentality that thinks it’s okay to carry out such atrocities. And frankly it would be the only time I would sanction violence – if it’s effectively targeted and aimed at such mad and twisted people – whose bizarre philosophies should be eradicated from the face of the Earth (because they are not representative of any religion that’s for sure).

I wish the leaders of the Muslim world – the legitimate Muslim world – would move to destroy such absurd groups that carry out these acts, but I fear that’s a naive thought as the real world politics of our planet is mired in such complex and confused alliances and agendas that that can never be, not unless a new wave of political leaders and thinking emerges.

So I mourn with the rest of the world. I mourn for the dead and injured from all the acts of iniquitous terror inflicted on innocents around the world. And I pray for a more just world, a more peaceful world, and world free of such wickedness.

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