‘Five days of Motoring Madness’ is what the Dubai World Trade Centre promised us for the 2015 Dubai Motor Show that ended yesterday, and that’s precisely what we got. We’re left barely sane at the end of it, and it’ll take days to recover, but what an epic event. Especially since we were there throughout!


We walked an average of six kilometres every day across the many halls of the region’s biggest and most spectacular car show, we talked so much that we needed voice medication, we took enough selfies to fill a hard drive, and we drunk in enough car porn to last us months!

A couple of days before the show my partner at Motoring Middle East and myself sat down to take stock of our plan of attack for the motor show, and we paused to swallow hard in realisation that we had probably taken on more than we could chew.

We were to make nine high quality manufacturer showcase videos (watch here), and do 16 live panel discussion shows on the Ignition Live Stage over the five days – managing over 30 guests with topics as varied as Hot Weather testing and classic car restoration, and as controversial as How to be a better tailgater and The Lady Racers.

And at the same time we had to cover the show itself with our own videos, plus pictures and text (see our full coverage here).

We barely sat down during the five days, and hardly ate, surviving on fluids and lots and lots of tea – plus those scrummy biscuits and the delectable fruitcake slices that the media centre was kept will stocked with.

It was a relentless five days, but we got on with it. We didn’t just survive, we conquered!

I want to applaud my friend, my brother, my partner, Imthishan Giado for his incredible effort, and brilliantly rising to the occasion of hosting some of the talks, despite his inherent shyness. I think together me made a formidable team and I’m hugely proud of what we achieved.

But of course we couldn’t have done it without the support of many people, so a massive big up to the amazing team at the Dubai World Trade Centre, all the wonderful staff in the media centre, the PR team, the social media guys, the team at the Ignition Live Panel stage (especially Rachel), and all the amazing guests – every single one of which turned up ready for action, on time, and without fail!

Of course on a personal level, a massive thanks to my family who put up with my fatigue and madness during these days. Plus of course all our friends and supporters, all the lovely media colleagues that greeted us with a kind word and appreciation (you all rock too, guys), plus of course Suhaib of Arab GT, Zlatko of Top Performance, Damien Reid and Neville Darukhanawalla for his unstinting support and encouragement throughout.

A big shout-out too to all the Motoring Middle East readers who came up and said hello, gave us their support and encouragement, took and shared pictures with us, and even asked for autographs. We were overwhelmed and genuinely touched by the warmth and appreciation and it continues to drive us on to do greater stuff for our readers and you.

And finally, this was my fifth Dubai Motor Show, and I’ve got to say it was an epic event, the best so far, and on par with any international car show. I saw some stunning cars, met some incredible people and had a lot of fun that made the whole week just so worthwhile.

Can’t wait for Dubai Motor Show 2017!

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