Terrorism is Forbidden in Islam

I don’t know why we don’t say this often enough: Terrorism is forbidden in Islam.

Terrorism is forbidden in Islam

It’s as simple as that. Muslims are not allowed to engage in terrorism. In fact this is as fundamental to the religion (and indeed any religion) as Fanaticism is spurious to the basic beliefs of Muslims.

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Paris attacks: sadness, shame and sorrow

I’ve only now had the chance to catch up with world events, and specifically the terrible attacks in France, and once again I feel the overwhelming burden of disgust, despair and depression – sadness for the dead, injured and their loved ones; horror that it was once again ‘us Muslims’ that carried out such heinous and cowardly acts; and sheer dread of the potential retribution against the ordinary followers of my faith, who are always left afraid and ashamed to even utter – ‘but it wasn’t us’.

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