A crisp cooling breeze has somehow scattered asunder; the heavy haze of a receding scorched summer.

Eid Morning poem

Skimming over the dew-moist sand, now settled and sedate; it bathes you and replenishes you, it feels great.

The moving melody of the Iman’s sermon draws to a close; too long, yet too soon, it’s now time you arose.

Lighter now, unburdened, unhindered, more than before you stretch up tall; you’re newly charged and cleansed, well you should be my man, you heeded the call.

Smiles and sweetness meet your wandering gaze; children frolic, adults hug, goodness stays.

There’s a calm, there’s happiness, there’s splendour too; it doesn’t seem to bother you that you can’t find your shoe!

A stranger shakes your hand, then touches his heart; a gracious and moving gesture, what a way to a morning start.

Time now for grinning Eid selfies with the mosque in the background; there’s no compelling need but you take a moment to hang around.

There’s purity and peace, so you pause to drink in the heady cocktail; you wish that you could cherish and preserve this moment, keep it fresh, let it not go stale.

Saved to memory now you turn for home, cars cattle out of the pen, jostling to be on their way; the police herd them through, a sacrifice has been made, it’s time to embrace the day.

At home there is bustling life at this early hour as the children line up expectantly; fortunately you stopped at the ATM and you count out the starched notes elegantly.

Giggles and grins as the sun bursts through; gloriously lighting up a table set for you.

The diet is off today, the milky pudding is tempting and the sweetmeats make it impossible to say no; very soon you are sated and saturated with love and gratefulness, but you’re slower now, oh so slow.

It’s an easy nap that follows; despite the chaos and bellows. Eid Mubarak to you all; and of course, see you later at the mall!

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