I sold something on Redbubble!

As a creative type it’s always wonderful to hear your work has been genuinely appreciated and liked, but when people put their hands in their pocket for it, that’s a whole other level. As Arnie’s brother once said: ‘Money talks and bullshit walks.’

Lamborghini Aventador

The first time I realised that people read and were affected by my writing it was an epiphany. I knew then that I would be a writer – and thus it was to be so.

More recently though I’ve taken up photography, somewhat out of necessity because I take all the car pictures for Motoring Middle East, but I do enjoy it too.

Quite some time ago I uploaded a few of my pictures onto Redbubble.com and pretty much forgot about it. Turns out I’ve actually sold a few items there – a Corvette iPhone case, a Ferrari FF greeting card and a Ford Raptor poster. I’m quite astonished! People like my work?! Wow.

However you don’t get paid until you accrue enough sales to reach a minimum threshold, so it would be jolly nice to sell some more. Hint, hint! 😉

I haven’t put any recent images on there, but most of my work can be found in the albums section on my Facebook page or on my 500px account. If there’s any of my images you particularly want to turn into a mug or something, let me know and I can upload it onto the Redbubble account. It would be much appreciated.

‘This time next year Rodney, will be millionaires!’

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