Epic three-day film shoot!

Incredible experience working with the best film crew in the world Epic MME TRD Challenge Film with Case Productions Coming soon on Motoring Middle East, will be a spectacular off-road vs on-road challenge in a TRD Toyota 86 and FJ Cruiser. Weeks of planning, reccing and preparation by my partner Imthishan and myself, culminated in an absolutely epic three-day shoot. Epic MME TRD Challenge Film with Case Productions We finally wrapped it all up yesterday and this morning I’m barely awake, and utterly knackered, but totally elated. There’s a lot of people we need to thank for this, not least our friends at Toyota and GMASCO for supporting this project and all their efforts. Plus our long-time friends Fraser and Peter for off-road support, and Noel for facilitating the filming. Epic MME TRD Challenge Film with Case Productions And there’s got to be a special mention for my main man Imthishan for some amazing off-road driving whilst putting up with a screaming hysterical woman in the passenger seat – you’ll just have to watch the video. Epic MME TRD Challenge Film with Case Productions But the biggest shout-out goes out to Selim and his crew at Case Productions: three days solid dawn to dusk filming, with evenings spent reviewing the footage, each person unflinching in their dedication to hard work and quality, all with good humour… I take my hat off and bow down to you guys. Epic MME TRD Challenge Film with Case Productions The memory that will remain with me forever is driving a Toyota 86 hard, and trying to keep up with Selim behind the wheel of a massive V6 Land Cruiser cornering on its door handles on the ragged edge on the twistiest trickiest road hereabouts, with two camera guys hanging out the back being chucked around violently, and yet still getting the shots in the bag. That was Legendary! TRDChallangeLogo This awesome video coming soon on MotoringME.com. And stayed tuned to Facebook.com/MotoringMiddleEast for more behind-the-scenes stuff and teasers!

[UPDATE – watch the film here]

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