Ford Road Trip – Tracking Lawrence Across Arabia

(plus we raid a train & take Aqaba & Petra!) #FBF

#FlashBackFriday to Vlog and review of Ford vehicles during a road trip across Jordan in 2016 for Motoring Middle East. Tracing Lawrence of Arabia’s route, we saw the Dead Sea, Wadi Rum, raided a train, ate food cooked in the ground, stormed Aqaba and finally got to the wonders of Petra!

What an absolutely epic trip that was! This is a must-watch. Read the full text of the original feature below:

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The Measurement of Nonsense

Can you really just make up a whole new measurement โ€“ like Nissan has with Desert Camel Power?


From MotoringMiddleEast

Behold! You lot are in for a very special treat. Remember this moment, for in years to come, your children and grandchildren will ask you โ€“ do you remember when SPH was created?

The what?! What the heck is SPH?

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Why I’m a petrolhead – Exhibit A

Several meetings, a lot of driving, a bit of photography and a late night radio show. After a long hard day like this, I’m normally exhausted and a little bit fed-up and down.

Morgan Plus 4

Instead I’m buzzing and the adrenalin is still flowing. Cars can make all the difference to petrolheads.
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