At least introduce yourself my 'friend'

In real life if someone wants to be your friend, or even just wants to get to know you, the proper etiquette would be to introduce themselves. Why doesn’t that apply to Facebook?

When I first got on here, I accepted every friend request, then realised I didn’t know, or worst, had no reason to know, most of the people who were now my ‘friends’.

So I trimmed the list down, but at the same time my profile is pretty open and it is possible to follow me without actually being a ‘friend’.

As it is, I have a terrible memory for names and faces. Still I do click on all the friend requests I get to see their profile, hoping that I can identify them, or if there is a reason I should come to know them. Unfortunately, most people keep their profiles on private settings, or limit how much detail is available, so that doesn’t really help.

So I do wish that those sending me friend requests would please add a few words by way of introduction or explanation. I would hope that this becomes Facebook etiquette and that Facebook itself provides a way of doing that with each request.

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