Micro Influencers: A modern-day David & Goliath story

As the phenomenon of the online ‘Influencer’ continues to develop, a new aspect has emerged – the greater impact, effectiveness and ROI power of the Micro-Influencer.


Everything you think you know about Influencers is wrong. Forget the ones with the hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers, and focus on those with a fraction of the following – the latest data proves it. Here’s why.

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My review of the Rolls-Royce Dawn

We do video reviews on Motoring Middle East (MotoringME.com) more and more now. It’s always worth trying something a bit different, experimenting and innovating. On some rare occasions it’ll work out and be a fine piece of work. Most of the time, admittedly, not so much. Sometimes it’ll be spectacularly abysmal.

Rolls-Royce Dawn review

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What hope for automotive social media?

What hope for automotive social media?

Sometimes someone says something so wrong with such conviction, that the only option you’re left with is to just pretend-agree, because to argue would simply see you expending huge amounts of unimpeachable logic at an impenetrable force field and leave you utterly Larry-David-exasperated.

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