Ask me anything. Go on!

I’ll try to answer as best as I can, or I’ll just make something up. Either way you’ll get a response!

I’m an automotive journalist; I post a lot of car stuff and inevitably across my social media channels I get a lot direct messages asking me about cars, car-purchasing decisions and automotive issues. I try to answer as many as I can, as logically as I can.

However here a couple of questions I got on my Instagram DM very recently:

  • ‘Hi we booked a hotel in Down Town – what is the area like?’
  • ‘Do you think Rolex is expensive?’
1942 Rolex Chronograph – recently sold for $2.5m

Okay, I don’t purport to be an ambassador for Tourism in Dubai (I leave that to Shah Rukh Khan) and I generally wear cheapo watches because if I did stick something costlier on my wrist, I’d have to wind reams of bubble wrap around that arm, because I’d be freaking out about scratching or damaging it.

I’m not qualified or informed enough to answer either of those questions. So of course I totally answered them. After all, one of them did respectfully refer to me as ‘Uncle’. At least I assumed it was respect.

What’s more, the questioners appeared quite satisfied with my responses. Ah, so this is what it’s like to be an Influencer then?

But you know what, this could be quite an interesting distraction, answering questions about anything and everything.

Now I’m not quite sure that I’m happy about the ‘Uncle’ moniker – it used to be ‘Bhai’ but the grey beard (which is obviously a lot older than the rest of me, you understand) has clearly elevated my social status! However there’s something of an ‘Agony Uncle’ aspect to this which could be entertaining to let play out.

So okay then, through all the various channels available to get to me (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat & Twitter), go ahead and hit me with a quake of questions, avalanche me for answers, interrogate me with inquiries – in short: ask me anything!

I may not always respond with something sane, sensible or sensitive, but a response of sorts will mostly, usually, probably be forthcoming.

Disclaimer: The views and/or opinions expressed in this article or in any of the ensuing responses to any inquiries or questions, either solicited or otherwise, pertaining to non-automotive matters, are read, understood, absorbed and acted on entirely at the reader and/or questioner’s own risk, and do not necessarily reflect the position of any sane or sensible individual whether existing in this realm any other other, including parallel dimensions and the afterlife. This paragraph admits no liability or responsibility to Shahzad Sheikh’s actions, words or writings, as he is clearly demented and off his rocker – most of the time. Questions and answers in full or in part may be reproduced here, there or plastered on Shahzad’s bathroom walls.


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