Last Call for Car Journos

I read a comment on Facebook somewhere recently: ‘they’re falling like flies’. And I flinched for a moment, because the flies being referred to, was us. But it’s not too late to save our species though.

Falling like flies

On a wider scale, we’re seeing the erosion of real quality journalism with unfortunate consequences on real world events that will impact us all sooner or later. But I’ve written about all that elsewhere. Today I want to micro this down to automotive media, and further zero-in on our region.

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Journalism today: ‘We may be generating heat. But are we really delivering light?’

‘We may be generating heat. But are we really delivering light?’

What a superb question by someone with the authority, credibility and experience to put a powerful voice to the concerns of all those who genuinely care for media, journalism and mass communication.

Helen Boaden, Former Director of BBC Radio wrote this in an incredible and fascinating analysis of the state of media and journalism today and where it’s heading in an extract of her speech in The Independent newspaper.

Helen Boaden, Former Director of BBC Radio
I’ve been struggling with the inevitable direction of journalism in this digital age for some time now, here is a voice confirming my fears from the heart of one of the last bastions of genuine journalism.

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Journalism is dying & the world is getting dumb

For once Last Week Tonight is not funny… because it’s depressingly true.

I’ve been wondering why the world seems to have gone stupid lately.

In fact the answer has been right under my nose the whole time. Real journalism is slowly being eradicated, and there really doesn’t appear to be a solution that can stop its decline.

It will fall victim to the new economic reality of clicks=cash as content-consumers baulk at boring ugly truths that aren’t trending.

And before you say anything, yes okay – guilty as charged. We’re all just content creators now.

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