ULEZ News Update: Sadiq Khan to Quit Mayor Race

Could it mean End of ULEZ Expansion? [24 May 2023]

According to The Express today, sources indicated that Sadiq Khan will NOT contest the next Mayoral election and Labour is scrambling to find a new candidate as it recognises Khan’s deep unpopularity over Crime, Housing and Especially the ULEZ Expansion.

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4 thoughts on “ULEZ News Update: Sadiq Khan to Quit Mayor Race

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  1. Hello Shazad,

    Hope you are well. I have been very busy with family matters and work on both my house and parents’ house.

    Great news report there! Let’s hope its’ the end of Khan and ULEZ! When is the next protest in Trafalgar Square please?

    Look forward to hearing from you and meeting you and all at next protest. My friend and I will hopefully be enlisting for Brands Hatch Racing School (we intend to do F3 sometime soon if all goes well).

    Regards to all,
    Steve Earl.


    1. Not sure about Trafalgar Square, there is a protest at London Bridge tomorrow I believe, but I won’t be able to attend. Join the two main Action Against ULEZ Facebook pages to stay up-to-date on ULEZ protests. Thanks and good luck at Brands – that WILL be fun!

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  2. BCG !!!! It all falls into place today ! Sadiq Khan has A) just launched his book on Climate change, B) he doesn’t want to see himself lose the mayoral election so better to opt out rather than have the defeat so he doesn’t look like the idiot he is. C) He will skip off claiming he’ s done a great job and implement the ULEZ on his way out. TICK – massive tick for his book at what a great job he’s done. He has dug his heels in on ULEZ simply to promote his book and make money. I KNEW there was a hidden agenda. He’s going to leave the dirt and run.

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    1. Indeed. But now we all have to push harder than ever to stop the ULEZ Expansion, because stepping away from contesting the next election, will definitely weaken Khan now.


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