ULEZ Expansion to Save 4000 Lives? NOT EXACTLY 😲

Where exactly is that 4000 figure from?

As justification for the ULEZ Expansion to the whole of London, the thing you keep hearing from Mayor Sadiq Khan is that it’ll save 4000 lives. Those death are linked to respiratory, lung cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Though surely they can’t all just be directly linked to air pollution caused by cars. As tragic as it absolutely is, there is in fact only one death registered in London that’s officially listed as due to air pollution. So where is the 4000 figure from? Watch this – you’ll be shocked!

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ULEZ: Everything you Need to Know!

Series of videos explaining what ULEZ is and the impact of it on Londoners

London Mayor Sadiq Khan, is going ahead with plans to expand the ULEZ – Ultra Low Emission Zone – to cover the whole of Greater London right up to the M25. It will hit hardest on those already suffering from the cost of living crisis and will banish classic cars from the city’s streets. Plus he has no mandate for (80% of Greater Londoners were against it) and negligible benefit (according to his own TFL-led report). Here’s why.

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ULEZ: Great Fire of London [Well Rainham]

Fire has been burning for over a decade, spewing out toxic pollution!

Despite the fact that the ULEZ expansion across the whole of outer London will have little to no impact on the air we breathe according to Transport for London’s own report, Mayor Sadiq Khan, insists on going ahead with in August saying ‘I’m not going to apologise for taking bold action to fix London’s air.’ Well okay. But was he watching ITV News yesterday?

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Cancel ULEZ Expansion NOW! ‘Impact Negligible’

Sadiq Khan Ignores his Own Research!

ULEZ Expansion – which will cost London 100s of millions in infrastructure and scrappage schemes, will have a virtually negligible impact benefitting the climate or London’s toxic pollution, according to Transport of London’s own commissioned report. A report that Mayor Sadiq Khan should be completely familiar with, but doesn’t appear to recognise his own data when he’s confronted by it!

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ULEZ Protest in London Today!

It wasn’t the protest we need, it’s probably the protest we deserve

Since I’ve been doing a lot of content on the forthcoming ULEZ expansion (see links below) someone kindly tipped me off that a protest was going to be staged outside the headquarters of Transport for London (TFL) today. I headed down there, perhaps to lend my support, but more to see if I could find credible, knowledgeable and articulate people to confirm that the ULEZ Expansion due to come into force next August, is actually more harmful than beneficial, particularly at this present time.

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ULEZ Expansion 2023 – What the Experts Say…

TV’s Quentin Wilson & Auto Trader’s Ian Plummer

With the ULEZ Expansion for 2023 being a hot topic, I grabbed former Top Gear presenter, Motoring Expert and TV Personality, Quentin Wilson, as well Ian Plummer from Auto Trader, the most influential car classifieds organisation in the UK, to get their thoughts on the ULEZ Expansion. This was at the London EV Show, where I was the Conference Coordinator

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ULEZ To Expand to Cover the Whole of London from August 2023

And why this is terrible for those hit hardest by cost of living & classic car owners

It’s been confirmed today that London Mayor, Sadiq Khan’s plan to expand the ULEZ (ultra low emissions zone) to over the whole of the Greater London area, will go ahead from 29th August 2023 – that’s next year. This may affect you if you live in the outer London area and own a petrol car built before 2005 and a diesel car built before 2015.

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