Pro Motorist, Pro Car, yes! But I am NOT a Fraud

I have thick skin, you must have to do this. But every now and then, something gets to you and a rant is in order

Got a DM on Twitter from someone accusing me of being a ‘shill’ and a ‘fraud’ and suggesting I rip off my Starfleet badge – I could not, NOT, respond to this one. Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments. No DMs regarding this though!

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8 thoughts on “Pro Motorist, Pro Car, yes! But I am NOT a Fraud

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  1. Here is 100% proof of the scam that Khan is forcing on Motorists. I went to a Funeral in East London ( Manor Park ) on the 17th of March and had no option but to pay his £12-50 bounty to reach the Cemetery. I left at 10pm, after spending time with the bereaved and went back to my address out of the ULEZ zone with my Wife and arrived about 10.30 pm. I paid his conniving £12-50 the next day at 12.15 pm. I have just received a PCN for £90 for non payment of his conniving charge, even though I had paid it by 12.15pm on the Saturday. The following, is the bullcrap I was told after spending over 2 hours on the phone, speaking to these retarded lunatics. ” We are sorry Sir but the charge you paid was not for Friday because you didn’t click the correct date “, to which I said ” then why the hell did you take it from my bank account “. I told the fool that the charge could only be for the 17th of March because they did not have any photo’s of my car on the 18th and the photo they sent, clearly shows my car on the 17th of March. These TFL Numbskulls just couldn’t grasp what I was telling them and insist that the £90 is correct and that it will more than double if not paid. I cannot believe that these worthless toads are getting away with this crap and no one is doing anything about it. It’s about time we started upping the ante to stop this criminal from rinsing the Motorist and taking our roads back from these gangsters.


      1. How is Khan getting away with his fraudulent activities. If something isn’t done very soon, then we may as well all give up driving and buy ourselves a pair of roller skates. Why are these MP’s not doing anything about this crooked toerag and who is really financing Khan, because I do not believe for one minute that he is acting alone.


  2. Khan has already caused my Classic car to be devalued by over £3500 because of his damned ULEZ. I have a 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser Diesel that also has one of the cleanest Diesel engines, which was made by Mercedes, but that means nothing to Khan because all he wants is money to finance his scams and he doesn’t give a flying toss about the cost to us. My car was valued at app £4500 a couple of years ago and because of his scam I will now be lucky to get around £700 for scrap on a car that has only covered 80’000 miles in 21 years and is still a perfect runner.

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      1. This car is now valued as scrap, because of Khan. Almost overnight this car has become worthless, because of Khan and his fraudulent ULEZ scam. The fact that it is a Classic means absolutely nothing to this criminal.


  3. I think I explained in a previous post what these ULEZ gangsters are doing but I will quickly tell you again. I attended the funeral of a friend on the 17th of March and had no choice other than to enter the ULEZ scam as the cemetery was just across the N/C Road. I paid it the next day and obviously thought no more of it. This is where the scam starts. I get a letter from Khan’s gangsters, yesterday and assume it is the receipt for the payment but on reading it I find it is in fact a £90 fine for, as they put it, entering the date as the 18th instead of the 17th, even though I was not in the ULEZ on the 18th and had paid the £12.50 within 12 hours of leaving the zone. To a complete idiot it would be patently clear that the £12.50 was for the day of the funeral (17th) as my car was not in his scam zone on the date in question (18th) and they actually confirmed this. I spoke to some dimwit at ULEZ and they actually said it was a penalty for putting the wrong date. How can they get away with this because there was only one charge and that was for the 17th and they obviously had no evidence to contradict this. Do these lame brained idiots think that people are going to pay for their crap ULEZ when they are not using it. They have no evidence that shows my car in the ULEZ on the 18th but obviously they have for the 17th, which actually proves what I have told them. Is there anyone you are aware of that can help to sort this out, because both my Wife and Myself are pensioners and cannot afford to pay this money. A final point, is that the £12.50 was actually taken on the Tuesday following the Saturday (18th) as it was obviously a weekend when I paid it, so why would they take a £12.50 payment for a charge that did not exist for that date (18th) when they knew there was no photo’s for that date. Sorry to be a pain but this has got to be exposed so others can also see what Khan is up to.


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