Why the Racism?

Rant and rave against ULEZ all you like, but why hate on race and religion?

Is it some next-level stupidity or misguided bravado that compels racists to unload on a channel called ‘Brown Car Guy’? And FYI, just to be clear, it’s not the car that’s brown! 

Granted passions against the actions of one London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, a British Asian Muslim, are running pretty high when it comes to things like the ULEZ expansion right now. But to insinuate that it’s the fault of ‘us lot’ that he’s in power and enabled, or that he should essentially f-off back home, and even to insinuate that he’s a closet Jihadi, are uncalled for and rather extreme (oh, so who’s the extremist now?). 

His evident hatred of cars, and his apparent need to quickly corral millions from motorists (an always easy target) to plug huge shortfalls in London funding is extremely frustrating. It may be corruption, it may have to do with incompetence, or perhaps he’s just a typical political puppet. 

Regardless, one thing is for sure, it’s got nothing to do with his race or religion. Otherwise by implication, I would be in cahoots as I share both of these identifiers with the Mayor! 

It’s like saying that all white people who voted for Brexit, did so solely believing ‘leave’ meant we should leave. That they would be able kick out all ‘non-indigenous’ peoples. 

Now that’s ridiculous. Isn’t it? Right?

Hey! Don’t just sit there quietly, shifting uncomfortably and glancing at each other; speak up! I’m seeking corroboration, but also some reassurance here!

Ah, it stings when you’re the subject of generalisations doesn’t it? 

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

Martin Luther King Jr

Or do you still find it more irksome that Britain has an Asian PM and its capital city is run by a desi too? At least your top motoring journalist is pale, male and stale and given to moments of racism and misogyny in his missives, not that I believe he really harbours such inclinations, just that he sometimes plays to the gallery. 

Don’t worry, in the field of motoring media too, there is a more colourful alternative available, so to speak. What do you mean ‘who’? Once again, you do realise you’re reading this on BrownCarGuy.com right? 

Anyway, we all have our foibles and failings but we’re entrusted with the ability to enlighten ourselves and retrain our thinking. We can harbour serious and passionate disagreement, but we can do so with graciousness and courteous civility – c’mon that’s something the British used to be world-renowned for. 

And if you feel that today’s little piece was rather unnecessarily bitter and biting, then just take a moment or two to peruse through just some of the vile comments posted on my ULEZ content across YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. And try to do so while pretending to wear a BrownCarGuy hat. Don’t worry, the stinging does subside after a while. 

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