ULEZ: London Tube Journeys are more Toxic than Traffic!

Riding the underground for an hour is as bad as standing on London’s busiest road for 15 hours

London Mayor wants to price us out of cars and push us to using public transport in the name of reducing toxic air pollution, improving Londoner’s healths and saving lives.

Okay That’s great, that’s fine, but there’s just one problem with that. Transport in London means using the underground – and yet pollution in the tube network is 15 times worse than above ground!

Concentrations of fine toxic particles, known as PM2.5, are higher in the underground, than London’s most polluted streets such as Oxford Street. In fact our Victoria and Northern Lines were worse than New York and Beijing’s subway systems!

Typically a journey on the underground takes 47 minutes on average – imaging that twice a day, every working day. These are the same particulates that are thought to contribute towards heart disease, stroke and lung cancer.

Over £350m will be spent on the ULEZ expansion – perhaps they should put that towards cleaning up the underground?

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