ULEZ News: C40 Cities Agenda & Don’t Change Car Now – or you’ll LOSE £££!

What is the real reason cameras were ordered before the ULEZ Consultation and Why you must not change car now!

In my latest ULEZ News Update, I look at what might be the true motivations behind London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s insistence on expanding the ULEZ zone, What is the C40 cities agenda, why private cars are NOT the main culprits when it comes to toxic air and how you’ll lose thousands of pounds if you try to change to ULEZ-compliant car now.

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ULEZ Expansion to Save 4000 Lives? NOT EXACTLY 😲

Where exactly is that 4000 figure from?

As justification for the ULEZ Expansion to the whole of London, the thing you keep hearing from Mayor Sadiq Khan is that it’ll save 4000 lives. Those death are linked to respiratory, lung cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Though surely they can’t all just be directly linked to air pollution caused by cars. As tragic as it absolutely is, there is in fact only one death registered in London that’s officially listed as due to air pollution. So where is the 4000 figure from? Watch this – you’ll be shocked!

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