ULEZ Could Be Stopped By London Councils!

Could Planning Permission Force a ULEZ U-Turn?

Lately, I’ve had a few messages and comments on my content from people who are really concerned about ULEZ expanding to Greater London from the end of August, and the negative impact it will have on their lives. I might finally have some good news for them.

So this is interesting, there are several Greater London councils, conservative-led councils that could potentially put a stop to the ULEZ Expansion later this year, or at least put a spanner in the works.

You see infrastructure, such as the cameras, road markings and ULEZ signage has to be put in place – at a cost of around £250m. Thing is, like everything else, you need planning permission from the council to do that. Councils such as Hillingdon, Harrow, Bexley and Croydon are opposed to the expansion, and might not give planning permission.

Conservative MPs such as Elliot Colburn are also in the process of mounting a legal challenge to Labour mayor Sadiq Khan’s ULEZ expansion.

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  1. Hi Shahzad, I’m an avid follower of the developments around Ulez & it’s 2023 expansion, and I think we need to take some action now, as this is only likely the spread throughout the entire country as has started to happen i.e. Birmingham, Cardiff etc. Is there realistic chance a peaceful demonstration that you know being organised? P.s. I was opposed the the first ulez widening in 2021 to the north and south circular roads and filled out a consultation even though I wasn’t affected much. I was opposed then because there are a lot of poorer areas in the zone and I understood that. Hopefully a group of us can rally around to help out somewhat. Would be a shame to see the 1989 BMW of yours sold because of the ulez scheme and what’s more devalue the car as it will be less desirable being it would cost £12.50 a day. Thats even if the charge stays at £12.50. Who knows, maybe the price will increase to £15 a day if too many people change their cars, or the congestion charge may also be expanded to cover all areas of London to run alongside the Ulez.


  2. Kind thanks for reading my reply. An interesting development in relation to a protest, is stop the ulez extension demonstration Saturday 28th January 2023, Trafalgar Square 12 noon. Hopefully the trains are not striking that day, but if they are that is another reason why London’s public transport cannot be relied on. I for one will attend. Also I found last night an article where Tandridge council opposed the ulez rollout in addition to Hillingdon, Harrow, Bexley and Croydon councils. Here is the link below for the news item I found. Stay safe and thanks for everything you are doing to make myself and others aware of developments in this matter.



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