Classics Pollute Less than New Electric Cars!

Driving Old Cars is Better for the Environment

Old cars pollute less than new ones! New cars are worse for the environment than old cars. All this legislation to get old cars off the roads, particularly things like ULEZ, that I’ve already done a couple of videos on, well hold on a second… Turns out old cars and classics pollute way less than brand new ones – even electric cars!

A new report (The Indicator Report from  @Footman James  confirms that a typical classic car emits 563kg of CO2 per year due to its infrequent use and higher maintenance standards. Meanwhile, when a new car hits the road, it already has a 6.8-ton carbon footprint. And you know what, it’s even worse for electric cars – 26 tons of CO2 is produced during production alone!

Now yes, over a longer term, that will level out – although we now know, that there is a quicker turnover of electric and hybrid cars among owners because of the constantly improving tech. That’s a lot of waste going on.

And think of it this way, it’ll take a typical classic car 46 years to put out the same emissions as a new EV. Creating these artificial deadlines – like 2030 – to force everyone to change to new cars, might actually prove counter-productive to what we actually want to accomplish here.

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