ULEZ Travel In London – Disease Incubator Chambers or Public Transport? 🤣

Travelling on public transport at commuting hours regularly doesn’t feel like it’s good for my health!

I don’t normally commute on public transport these days (I work from home). But as Conference Coordinator for the Proptech Show in Angle the last couple of days, I was taking the London Underground into town in rush hour. I had forgotten just how crowded, awful and potentially dangerous that experience was. How is this better for our health?

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ULEZ Protest in London Today!

It wasn’t the protest we need, it’s probably the protest we deserve

Since I’ve been doing a lot of content on the forthcoming ULEZ expansion (see links below) someone kindly tipped me off that a protest was going to be staged outside the headquarters of Transport for London (TFL) today. I headed down there, perhaps to lend my support, but more to see if I could find credible, knowledgeable and articulate people to confirm that the ULEZ Expansion due to come into force next August, is actually more harmful than beneficial, particularly at this present time.

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Classics Pollute Less than New Electric Cars!

Driving Old Cars is Better for the Environment

Old cars pollute less than new ones! New cars are worse for the environment than old cars. All this legislation to get old cars off the roads, particularly things like ULEZ, that I’ve already done a couple of videos on, well hold on a second… Turns out old cars and classics pollute way less than brand new ones – even electric cars!

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Coronavirus could cut Car-related Deaths

Latest Brown Car Guy Update 02042020 #BCGDaily

In this video I try to work out how many lives could be saved by the reduction in car use around the world due to the lockdown. It’s pretty staggering, but potentially there are lot more lives that will be saved due to another side-effect of the lockdown. Could they actually outweigh the tragic loss of lives the pandemic is causing? It might need better mathmaticians / statisticians / research analysts than me to figure it out though.

StayHome #StayAtHome #Lockdown #Coronavirus #Covid19

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